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Monday, July 9, 2012

Top 10 most popular and powerful smartphones

In the fast developing smartphone market, people would have more and more wonderful choices on smartphones, like the upcoming iPhone 5, just released Samsung Galaxy S III, or other wonderful and powerful options like HTC One S. Apple iPhone is no doubt a good choice, but with a variety of forms and flavors, Android phones also have their own place in the market. No matter you’re going to make full use of its mobile communication function or watch HD videos on smartphones for more digital entertainment, you can have these facilities combined into one single smartphone. And today, I would like to share a Top 10 list of some most popular and powerful smartphones with all you guys.

High-end camera with lots of shooting modes
Thin, premium design
Excellent for gaming and multimedia
No microSD slot
Mediocre call quality
Bottom Line: The HTC One S is the ultimate multimedia phone, from gaming to music to snapping high quality photos.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus
4G/LTE is very fast
Ice Cream Sandwich is a real treat
Slim, curved design
No expandable memory
No Google Wallet support
Camera is just okay
Bottom Line: The best Android phone to date, the Galaxy Nexus dazzles with its curved display, sleek design, fast performance, and, of course, the Ice Cream Sandwich update.

HTC ReZound


720p display
Incredibly fast dual-core processor
Beats Audio built-in
Preloaded with bloatware
Terrible battery life
Bottom Line
If you can deal with subpar battery life, the HTC Rezound is an excellent phone that won't feel outdated anytime soon.

T-Mobile Mytouch 4G Slide


Outstanding camera
Latest software and chipset technology
Wide range of shooting modes and editing tools
Keyboard is difficult to type on
No HDMI port
Bottom Line
The MyTouch 4G Slide has one of the best cameras we've ever tested--and the rest of the phone is pretty amazing as well.



Sleek, durable design with kickstand
Solid camera with many shooting modes
Camera's shutter button doesn't work in lock mode
No LTE network yet

Dual-core processor keeps phone running smoothly
Excellent battery life over LTE
Doesn't run latest version of Android
Camera is just average
Bottom Line
The Droid Razr Maxx packs in a dual-core processor, large battery and LTE in a very thin frame.

Apple iPhone 4S 16GB
Faster, smoother performance
Superb camera
Beautiful display still better than competition
You can only upload video in 1080p
Siri not always accurate
Bottom Line
The iPhone 4S might not be the most exciting update, but the improved camera, faster performance and the addition of Siri make it a top-ranking smartphone.

Large screen is great for movies and games.
Very well designed.
Poor call quality.
Audio pickup in videos is abysmal.
Non-expandable storage

Samsung Galaxy Note
Large, bright display
Snappy performance
Pen works well with user interface
A bit too large for a phone
Not enough apps support the pen
Bottom Line
With its large display and stylus-like pen, the Samsung Galaxy Note is a refreshing departure from the smartphone pack, but its design won't please everyone. Additionally, not enough apps support the pen right now.

Nokia Lumia 900
Gorgeous AMOLED display
Great, versatile camera
Fast data speeds over LTE
Windows Phone still missing some apps and features
No 1080p video capture
Bottom Line
With a stunning display, fast data speeds, and a versatile camera, the Lumia 900 has what it takes to compete with the iPhone and with Android handsets--if Microsoft and AT&T can win over customers.

How do you think so? If you have some other candidates, please let me know in the comment part. 

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